What is a dental sealant?

Applying dental sealants remains one of the most effective methods to keep your child’s teeth from decay. Dental sealants protect your child’s teeth from exposure to germs that can cause tooth decay. During your child’s dental appointment, your dentist will apply a thin layer of protective coating onto their teeth to protect them from developing cavities. Your child can’t brush the dental sealant off.

Why does your child need a dental sealant?

This unique dental type of paint bonds permanently to your child’s teeth and is especially useful in protecting the child’s molars and other grooves in the back teeth. Molars are susceptible to increased decay because they are hard to brush thoroughly. Using dental sealants on a child’s back teeth will help prevent cavities from developing. Adults can also have dental sealants applied to protect their teeth.

What is the process of having a dental sealant placed on your child’s teeth?

During the placement of a dental sealant on your child’s teeth, Dr. Motii will:

  • Give your child’s teeth a complete cleaning.
  • Dry your child’s teeth.
  • Put an acid-containing solution on the dry teeth.
  • Rinse and dry your child’s teeth.
  • Paint the sealant on the child’s tooth enamel.
  • Cure the sealant using a dental light to bond the sealant to the child’s tooth.

Dental sealants’ protective abilities last for approximately ten years. When the ten years is up, your dentist can recommend further protective measures for your child’s teeth.

Will my child still need to continue to brush and floss after dental sealants are applied?

Dental sealants are no substitute for routine home and dental office care for your child’s teeth. Your child will need to continue to brush and floss their teeth daily and attend regular dental checkups as recommended by Dr. Motii and her friendly staff at Generations Family Dentistry.

Dr. Motii and her staff have received specialized training in treating children in a calm and professional environment. They know how to make their youngest patients feel at ease about their dental appointments and help them develop healthy habits to promote excellent oral health for a lifetime. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Motii at her child-friendly office, contact Generations Family Dentistry today.