Why do you need a pediatric dentist? When you’re looking for a dentist for your child, choose Generations Family Dentistry. Dr. Motii and our practice at Generations Family Dentistry has been providing dental care to families for 40 years. Instead of seeing a lot of patients, Dr. Motii stresses quality of time and care over the number of patients seen. This dental practice is great with children and patients who are anxious about receiving dental care. Dr. Motii assists in keep your precious child’s teeth healthy for a lifetime by giving them the dental care they deserve, starting when they are young.

What is dentistry for children?

Children begin to get their first teeth at about the age of six months. When they are about six years old, they begin to lose their baby teeth and get their permanent teeth. If a child’s first teeth become decayed, these oral problems can eventually affect their permanent teeth. If permanent teeth come in incorrectly, these crooked teeth affect the way a child bites, chews, and talks. Dr. Motii will keep a child’s teeth healthy from their first visit, so the child grows up to have strong, healthy teeth in their adult years. Dr. Motii also has specialized training in dealing with special needs patients and children and knows how to make their appointment more comfortable.

What happens during a pediatric dental appointment?

Dr. Motii observes the child’s teeth for dental decay and bite problems. If dental issues are observed, some treatments occur immediately. Additional appointments might be needed for additional treatment. Our dentist also provides practical advice on caring for your child’s teeth on a daily basis to avoid dental diseases.

Dental care for children remains a specialty in the dentistry field. Your child needs the expert care that only a uniquely trained pediatric dentist can provide. For more information about dentistry for children, please contact our office for a consultation and appointment today.