What is Laser Treatment?

Laser treatment involves high-frequency lasers that help to eradicate unhealthy gum tissue from areas that have been affected by gum disease. Periodontal disease involves the deterioration of gums and the underlying bone. Laser treatments are designed to stop the spread of infectious gum tissue, preventing the advancement of periodontal disease. Laser treatment is done quickly and is completely safe for healthy gum tissue.

Why do you need Laser Treatment?

You may need laser treatment if you have moderate to advanced periodontal disease. As periodontal disease begins to progress, the bacterial infection eats away and destroys gum tissue. It is important to seek treatment before the infection continues to destroy healthy gum tissue and progresses to more serious stages of the disease. Laser treatments will help stop the spread of this infection, so your mouth is able to heal naturally.

What makes you a good candidate for Laser Treatment?

Before beginning treatment, you’ll need to come in for an exam and consultation. We will measure the gum pockets around your teeth to determine the stage of gum disease present. We will educate you on what to expect with laser treatment and the benefits that come from beginning treatment. Most people who have periodontal disease will benefit from this advanced technology.

What happens during the procedure for Laser Treatment?

During the procedure, the area will be numbed to make the treatment more comfortable for you. A high-frequency laser is used to go deep into the gingival pockets and remove unhealthy gum tissue. The roots of the teeth are then planed in order to prevent bacterial adhesion. Once laser treatment is finished, the gum tissue will heal naturally and can completely reverse the signs of gum disease. Laser treatment is relatively noninvasive and can be done quickly. It does not affect healthy tissue when done correctly, so it is a safe alternative to other periodontal treatments.

If you are interested in having laser treatment done, call our office so that our helpful staff members can better assist you in scheduling an appointment.