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Dental crowns repair damaged teeth. Some types of dental damage that crowns repair are:

  • Cracks
  • Fractures
  • Large fillings
  • Extensive tooth decay

Crowns remain the primary way to restore the way damaged teeth look and function.

More information on dental crowns

A dental crown’s primary use is to restore a broken tooth. If left untreated, the broken tooth can become decayed and cause oral infections, pain, and tooth disease. The crown also restores the appearance and functionality of the damaged tooth. If you have a large area of tooth decay that needs a filling, your dentist, Dr. Motii, will recommend placing a crown instead of a filling. They are created to look and work just like your natural teeth.

Why use a dental crown during a root canal?

In the case of a root canal, the pulp and nerves within your tooth become infected. You’ll need protection and a new tooth for the affected area. Dr. Motii uses the latest technology to perform the root canal quickly and with minimal to no pain. A replacement tooth dental crown is created from a natural looking material that restores your smile and your oral health.

What are the cosmetic uses for a dental crown?

If you have a missing tooth, a dental crown can be used to replace that missing tooth. Missing teeth can cause problems with biting and chewing. Dental crowns are created to fit the area where the tooth is missing and will look natural. These crowns will restore your lovely smile and have you feeling confident again.

What is the dental crown treatment process?

Dr. Motii will determine whether you are a proper candidate for a dental crown during a routine exam. You’ll need to attend about two appointments to complete the crown process. At the first appointment, the area of the tooth is cleaned and prepared to receive the crown. Oral impressions are made and sent to a dental lab, where your crown will be made. You’ll get a temporary crown to protect the newly cleaned area where the permanent crown will be placed. During the second appointment, the permanent crown will be placed.

Please contact Dr. Motii at Generations Family Dentistry for an examination to find out if you’re a candidate for a dental crown. Our friendly, professional staff uses the latest technology to give you and your family the best treatment possible.

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