What is Clear Correct?

Clear Correct is an orthodontic treatment plan that involves the use of clear plastic aligners to straighten your teeth. The aligners are made to fit your teeth perfectly and apply pressure to create a uniform smile. The beauty about Clear Correct is that the system uses clear aligner trays to correct orthodontic problems. No one but you and the doctor need to know that you’re even wearing braces.

Why do you need Clear Correct?

Clear Correct is ideal for patients with mild, moderate, and even severe orthodontic problems. The aligners help to straighten teeth and correct malocclusion issues that affect the way that you look and your ability to clean your teeth. You may want or need Clear Correct because you’re unhappy with your smile. Most often, patients choose to begin Clear Correct treatment because it’s a great option to straighten your smile without the use of visible, metal braces.

What makes you a good candidate for Clear Correct?

Before beginning treatment, you will come into our office for a full examination and consultation. We will determine if Clear Correct is right for you or if additional orthodontic work is needed. In some cases, you may need to be fitted for other appliances before you’re able to begin Clear Correct treatment. Most patients who want Clear Correct are able to receive treatment.

What happens during the procedure for Clear Correct?

Your first appointment involves a consultation and exam. We will take impressions and scans of your teeth, which will then be sent out to create your own personalized Clear Correct trays. The trays need to be worn for at least 22 hours a day for treatment to be effective. You will need to come back into the office every few weeks to have new impressions and trays made of your teeth. Clear Correct can deliver results in as little as six to 12 months. This will vary from one patient to another depending on the type of work that is needed.

If you would like to be fitted for Clear Correct aligners, call our office today and one of our helpful staff members can further assist you.